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VM Economic Development Association

The Villa Mondragone Economic Development Association, sponsored by the Tor Vergata University Economic Foundation, aims at developing and coordinating the spread of information and knowledge on topics regarding the European and the International Economy, with a focus on the policy actions needed to revive the economic development.

Pasquale Lucio SCANDIZZO is the coordinator of the activity of the VMED Association.

Villa Mondragone

The Association is involved in:

- promoting and realizing research programs, individually or in close cooperation with other universitiesand cultural and scientific institutions that operate at national and international level;

- informing public opinion, politicians and the civil society, in Italy and abroad;

- promoting and encouraging the debate and the discussion among the interested actors, the organisation of meetings, seminars conferences, publications and every other initiative aimed at promoting the institutional mission of the Association.

The Association Membership allows to:

- receive information and participate to all the event of the Association;

- benefit of reduced fees for all the publications of the Tor Vergata University Economic Foundation;

- participating to all the decisions regarding the future programmes of the Foundation, discussed during the Annual Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar.

A moment of XXV Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar

Eligible members of the Association are:

- all the previous, current and future participants, to the activities organized by the Foundation (Seminars and Villa Mondragone Conference);

- those who decide to subscribe their participation paying the admission fee;

- public and private institutions, italian and international, interested in the development of studies on topics of interest for the Association, or having a cultural or technical interest in the Association’s activities.

Our members (in alphabetical order):

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