Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Innovation, Globalization and Firm Dynamics: Lessons for Enterprise Policy

Authors: Anna M. Ferragina, Erol Taymaz and Kamil Yilmaz (ed.)

This book is about the relationship between firm dynamics, innovation and globalization, the processes that are essential for long term economic growth and welfare creation. The volume deals with these three issues in three sections titled respectively: entrepreneurship, new firm formation and growth; productivity-innovation-growth nexus; globalization, multinational firms and producers’ dynamics. The use of micro-data and the treatment of new econometric methods are cutting edges of the book. The approach adopted is both theoretical and empirical with consideration of paradigmatic case studies in Europe, Africa and Asia, providing new evidence on developed, developing and transition economies in a comparative perspective. The text responds to a growing concern among scholars, professionals, and policy makers over the recent decades about firm ability to survive and compete in a context of increasing competition. The book is a useful reading for scholars and students concerned with industry development, public policy and globalization, as well as to all those involved professionally in such issues.


Anna M. Ferragina, Erol Taymaz and Kamil Yilmaz

PART I – Entrepreneurship, New Firm Formation and Growth

1 Entrepreneurship And Post-Entry Performance: The Microeconomic Evidence, Marco Vivarelli

2 Gibrat’s Law, Firms’ Growth (and decline) and the Evolution of Firms’ Size Distribution, Marcello D’Amato, Christian Di Pietro and Riccardo Martina

PART II – Productivity-Innovation-Growth Nexus

3 Firm Size Distribution and Returns to Scale. Non-Parametric Frontier Estimates from Italian Manufacturing.”, Lisa Crosato, Sergio Destefanis and Piero Ganugi

4 Innovation, growth and survival of Spanish manufacturing firms, Silviano Esteve-Pérez, Fabio Pieri and Diego Rodríguez

5 Survival of the Fittest: Productivity versus Corruption Effects, Virginie Vial

6 Innovation and Exports of German Business Services Enterprises: First Evidence from a New Type of Firm Data, Joachim Wagner and Alexander Vogel

7 Young, Small and Export Oriented: the Moroccan Winners?, Novella Bottini and Michael Gasiorek

8 Financial fragility and the distribution of firm growth rates: A Quantile Regressions Approach, Giulio Bottazzi and Angelo Secchi

9 Determinants of Entry and Exit: Evidence from Tunisian Manufacturing Industries, Riadh Ben Jelili

PART III – Globalization, Multinational Firms and Producers’ Dynamics

10 Foreign Direct Investment and Firm Survival in Transition Countries, Elisa Gerussi, Holger Görg and Aoife Hanley

11 Foreign Ownership, Survival and Growth Dynamics in Turkish Manufacturing, Erol Taymaz and Kamil Yilmaz

12 Foreign investment and firm selection in Italy: the role of linkages and absorptive capacity, Anna M. Ferragina and Fernanda Mazzotta

13 Global Activities and Plant Survival – The Case of Sweden, Roger Bandick

14 Firm Survival and Employment Dynamics during Crises, Vera Catarina Rocha and Celeste Amorim Varum

PART IV – Conclusions

15 What have We Learned? Lessons for Enterprise Policy, Anna M. Ferragina, Erol Taymaz and Kamil Yilmaz



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