Monday, August 10, 2020

Research fellow in Macroeconomics Analysis

In memory of “Riccardo Faini”. The purpose of the fellowship is the development of researches on Economics and Political Economy fields, within the activity of the “Osservatorio R. Faini”, founded with the Department of the Treasury of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The fellowship involves full time job during a whole calendar year.

Participation requirements

  1. Degree in Economics, Econometrics, Statistics or equivalent;
  2. Phd or Doctoral Degree in Macroeconomics or Econometrics;
  3. Good English communication skills of (written and speaking) and at least basic knowledge of Italian
  4. Good Knowledge of Programming Languages such as Matlab and Troll

Research topics

The research activity will be focused on the construction of a new DSGE (Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model) for the Italian Economy for studying the effects of the fiscal policy, as well as policy key issues, mainly related to productivity and competitiveness.

Nowadays, there is an increasing interest and discussion in the academic literature and institutions, mainly in central banks, on the relevance of this kind of models for monitoring the economic policy. The “Osservatorio Riccardo Faini” aims at building a DSGE in order to explore these structural issues for the Italian economy.

This is a challenging research topic, considering that not much work has been devoted towards exploring the role of fiscal policy in general equilibrium models.

Specific Tasks:

The successful candidate will be, in particular, expected to:

  • participate intensively in the process of the model construction and estimation, as well as in the simulation analysis;
  • report the research activity in progress reports or working papers;
  • participate in all main activities of the “Osservatorio Riccardo Faini”.

Place of work

The research activity will be carry out in Rome, in two places:

  • School of Economics, “Tor Vergata” University;
  • Department of the Treasury of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee will be responsible for the selection procedure and will identify the winner of the fellowship. The Scientific Committee is composed of at least 3 members belonging both to the Ceis-Economia-Tor Vergata Foundation of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and to the Department of the Treasury of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The selection procedure will be firstly based on the evaluation of titles; if necessary an interview will be done, even in “call conference”.


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