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Europe 2020 standard market measuring well being beyond GDP

The Riccardo Faini Research Center, part of the Tor Vergata Economics Foundation - issues a vacancy for a Research Fellow inMacroeconomic Analysis. Tor Vergata Economics Foundation promotes cooperation among universities, institutions and the private sector, with the aim of transferring knowledge from academic research to industry and public institutions and supporting research activity and training. As a part of the Foundation, the Riccardo Faini Research Center has been created in order to support policy-oriented research, with application to the Italian economy and in connection with the institutional activities developed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The fellowship involves full time job during 12 months in Rome (Italy).

Participation requirements

The successful candidate must have:

  1. PhD or Doctoral Degree in Economics obtained or expected by May 2011;
  2. Good knowledge of macroeconomics, economic policy and social conditions;
  3. Excellent English communication skills (written and speaking) and at least basic knowledge of Italian;
  4. Previous work experience in social topics is desirable;
  5. Knowledge of programming languages (such as Rats, Matlab, Stata, SAS, R, Eviews, VBA).

Research topics

Considering the new framework for Europe 2020 as well as the scientific interest in measuring the progress of nations “beyond GDP”, this research will deal with alternative statistical indicators, particularly those relating to social and environmental sustainability in the context of the EU/Euro Area countries. This project would include tasks such as gathering, analysing, and summarising contents and results of relevant available research as well as elaborating databases of the relevant statistics for the EU/Euro Area countries on social and environmental dimensions. Special attention will be given to the assessment of nature capital, to the indicators linked to climate change, energy and to the goods and services linked to the ecosystems. As to social sustainability, specific reference will be made to the risk of poverty, social mobility, distribution of income and wealth, migration, social integration, availability of services (health, education, housing, transport, recreation), etc. The general aim should be to assess different rankings along these dimensions amongst the EU/Euro Area countries, evaluate policy options in the context of the new European Governance rules and advice on their comparative feasibility.

Specific Tasks

The successful candidate will, in particular, be expected to:

  1. Carry out a survey on the literature related to social and environmental sustainability indicators, to analyse the conditions of the EU/Euro Area countries and to provide a range of the economic policy options based on thorough analysis;
  2. Analyse reports and studies issued by the main research institutions and international organisations (European Commission, OECD, Eurostat, etc) from a theoretical as well as practical point of view as well as collect all the relevant statistical series for the EU countries.
  3. Finalize the research activity developed during the period of the fellowship in working papers or occasional papers.

The research activity should be periodically reported to Tor Vergata Economics Foundation.

Place of work

The research activity will be carried out in Rome, at the Institutions involved in the research:

  • Tor Vergata Economics Foundation, School of Economics, “Tor Vergata” University;
  • Treasury Department of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance;

Scientific Committee

A Scientific Committee will be responsible for the selection procedure and will identify the winner of the fellowship. The selection procedure will be firstly based on the evaluation of titles, if necessary an interview will be done, even in “call conference”.


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