Sunday, July 12, 2020

Una proposta di Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo e Luigi Paganetto per una Banca Mediterranea per lo Sviluppo

The Mediterranean Development Bank should have – coherently with the role that the existing sub-regional banks assumed – the role of: a bank, to fund the region’s economic and social growth by providing lending and guarantee services; an advisor, which provides financial and technical assistance required for effective implementation of funded projects; a partner to companies and institutions of the public and private sector, in such way to broaden the impact of its development policies.

The development Bank would be capable of self funding by collecting financial resources both on the international and international capital markets and from bilateral and multilateral institutions as well as by generating internal resources.

The main characteristic of the Mediterranean Development Bank is that it is no private conventional bank behaving in accordance with the current short term economic laws of the credit market. As previously discussed in fact the role of the bank is that of “Lender of last resort” ”; an institution to which governments and private parties can easily access to collect the capital and liquidity required to foster growth, in those particular areas in which productive investments would otherwise not be practicable.

The bank shall work as a development fund for economic and productive projects.

The support to growth is particularly oriented towards the public sector (loans to governments or agencies with public guarantees) but is as well addressed to the private sector (companies that are sponsored by the Government).


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