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Luisa Corrado

My research is inter-disciplinary, crossing areas such as economic theory, international economics, empirical macroeconomics with a focus on the analysis of European industrial convergence, economic policy and uses multiple methodologies ranging from microeconometrics, to network and spatial analysis.

Academic Positions. Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Ph.D. in Economics, Law and Institutions, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Main Publications. The Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Geography (2), Regional Studies, Journal of Regional Science, Proceeding of the American Statistical Association, The Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2), Economics Letters (2), Journal of Socio-Economics, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Cambridge Journal of Regions Economy and Society, Social Indicators Research, Computational Economics, International Journal of Finance and Economics, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, European Political Economy Review, Journal of Economics and Business, Manchester School, Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics among others (a detailed list of publications can be found in my home page I presently rank top 6% of female economists in RePec.

Editorial Positions. I am presently co-editor of the journal Spatial Economic Analysis ( which is specialised in spatial and network econometrics, regional and housing economics.

Dissemination. Media articles featuring Luisa Corrado’s research have been published by CNN International; her research output was also disseminated in Cambridge and widely published through the official University Magazine Research Horizon. Following the presentation at the Royal Economic Society 2007 (Warwick) as headlines in the following: The Times, The Economist, BBC, Reuters, CNN international, Daily Mail, the Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, United Press International, EU Business. She was interviewed by Reuters, the Times, the Independent, BBC World and BBC radio.

Awards and Prizes. Marie-Curie Excellence Award 2008 from the European Commission (Marks: 100/100 FP7-2007-5-2-AWARDS project EURECONAW) for Research in Social Science. First European Economist to receive the Award. Evaluation “The candidate is an outstanding young researcher who is working in a field of great interest to the public…Her dissemination of results to the general public and her promotion of science are excellent and make her a model candidate for the Marie Curie Award.” (Link Award: The Marie-Curie Project EURECON is featured in the final report for the 6th Framework Programme by the European Commission as one of the 30 success stories -over 14.000 funded. Regional Studies Association 2013 Best Referee Award for the journal Spatial Economic Analysis. She is also a Honorary Member of the Regional Studies Association for 2013. Awarded the European Reintegration Grant (FP7-PEOPLE-2010-RG project EWEBE marks 90.4/100 Duration: 3 years). Evaluation of Candidate “An outstanding candidate, a high quality, productive, reputed researcher with strong independent thinking and networking experience”.


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