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XXIX Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar


XXIX Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar

Rome, University of Rome Tor Vergata
22nd, 23rd June 2017

Getting Globalization Right. Sustainability and “Responsible Nationalism” in the post Brexit Age

During the past twenty-eight years the quality of the Scientific contributions and ensuing debates of the Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar has consistently been outstanding, owing to the participation of leading experts.

The Conference has provided an important opportunity to meet and discuss the most current topics in economic research.

A selection of contributions will be included in the FUET Working Paper series and published by Springer.

A short outline of Villa Mondragone Conference is available at

25 years of Villa Mondragone Speakers

To that purpose we invite the submission of papers answering to these general questions:

- Is globalization at the root of EU and US economic problems, like depressed wages, lost jobs, large trade deficits, greater income inequality?

- Or “the problem” was not globalization, but how the process was being managed? Can we get globalization right?

- Is the Brexit vote opening an Age of change where immigration, income inequality, anxieties about future and technological unemployment risks require a new Governance in UE and USA?

- How can policies for sustainability prevail, permitting globalization to work for democracies?

Main topics

  1. The Robustness of Globalization Theory. Trade Liberalization and its Benefits;
  2. Globalization, Inequality and Social Inclusion;
  3. The United States and the Protectionist option: a New Trade Deal?;
  4. How Scary is Disruptive Technology? Perspectives on Employment;
  5. The Upcoming Brexit. Deal and its Consequences;
  6. Globalization, Employment and Skill Polarization;
  7. Euro, Dollar and the Risk of Currency Wars;
  8. Climate Change Policies in trouble?;
  9. Redesigning US Medcare and European Welfare State?;
  10. Immigration Crisis: the Short and the Long Run Policy. The role of Demography;
  11. Fiscal Rules and Public Debt in EU and USA in an Age of Change;
  12. The Role of Science and Innovation to Foster Sustainable Growth;
  13. Putting Globalization to work for Democracy. Is the “Responsible Nationalism” the answer?;
  14. Redistributive Policies or Rewriting the Rules for a Sustainable Growth?;
  15. Beyond GDP: Wellbeing and Sustainability.

Download the Call for Paper

Should you require more information do not hesitate to contact me or send an email to the Scientific Organization Office:

Phone: 0039 0672595533/0672595570




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